Advisory Council

Founding Advisory Council

To nominate an exceptional data management professional, or express interest yourself, for the Utah DAMA Chapter’s founding advisory council please contact

  • Shannon Prince, President DAMA Rocky Mountain Chapter (Denver)
  • Peter Vieveen, DAMA International, VP Chapter Services
  • Frank Kadwell, DAMA International, VP Membership

Utah DAMA Chapter

Requests of the Founding Advisory Board

  • Attend and provide feedback on three founding meetings in Q1 2021
    • Orientation meeting (one hour) with DAMA Intl VP of Chapter Services, Peter Vieveen.
    • Advisory meeting (one hour) with RMC (Denver DAMA) President Shannon Prince
    • Mission Statement and Planning meeting (two hour)
  • Provide guiding input toward the initial mission of the Utah DAMA Chapter
    • Identify topics of active interest to the community
    • Share feedback regarding your 2021 data management needs and challenges
  • Assist with the organization of at least one meeting during the founding year.
Educate Collaborate Connect

Steps to establish Utah DAMA Chapter

  1. Connect with local Chamber of Commerce to create awareness
  2. Review Advisory Council Document Bundle (below)
  3. Declare Mission Statement (typically educate, train, and/or community events)
  4. Select Founding Board of Directors
  5. File as a 501(c)(6) non-profit, member based organization
  6. Sign DAMA Code of Ethics
    • Be Good, Privacy, Non-profit, Vendor-Neutral, Vendor Sponsors OK, Don’t defame DAMA

Advisory Council Document Bundle

Board of Directors Documents

Considerations for the Board


  • $500 Filing for non-profit
  • DAMA International annual fee
  • Meeting: Site, Food, Teleconference/Recording?
  • Paid Presenters?
  • Online Content/Tools
  • Conference?


  • Membership: Free, Tiered, or Fixed Fee
  • Sponsors: Common among many Chapters in exchange for unobtrusive or short presentations

Board of Director Roles

Rocky Mountain has the following roles:

  • President
  • VP Programs
  • VP Finance
  • VP Technology
  • VP Membership
  • VP Communications
  • VP Administrative Services
  • Education Advisor

Other Organizations included

  • VP Online Content
  • VP Outreach/Marketing
  • VP Logistics
  • VP Messaging
  • VP Compliance – 501(c)(6) filing
  • VP Sponsorship
  • VP Content Management
  • VP Presenter Relations
  • VP Administration
  • VP Education
  • Past President
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Advisor

Proposed Agenda January 20th, 2021

  1. Start Recording (John Kerley-Weeks)
  2. Meet & Greet – Everyone, in order listed at
  3. DAMA Introduction – 15 minutes  (Peter Vieveen)
  4. High-level forming process (Peter Vieveen)
  5. Current status (John Kerley-Weeks)
  6. Questions about the forming process (Peter Vieveen)
  7. AOB – Any Other Business – (Everyone)
  8. Optional: (John Kerley-Weeks)
    1. Interest in Specific Board Positions
    2. Mission Statement Discussion
    3. Web Site Access Review
    4. Preferred email address for Advisory Council scheduling
    5. Preferred public information: photo, LinkedIn, Contact Information
  9. Schedule February Meeting – after 3pm in February (John Kerley-Weeks)

Topics will be moved to February teleconference meeting with
Shannon Prince, President, Rocky Mountain Chapter or discussed
individually offline to ensure meeting completes by 9:55am