Planning Meetings

January 20th, 2021
First Advisory Council Meeting

Slide Deck:

Meeting Recording 2021-01-20 (starts at 2:50)

Proposed Agenda January 20th, 2021

  1. Start Recording (John Kerley-Weeks)
  2. Meet & Greet – Everyone, in order listed at
  3. DAMA Introduction – 15 minutes  (Peter Vieveen)
  4. High-level forming process (Peter Vieveen)
  5. Current status (John Kerley-Weeks)
  6. Questions about the forming process (Peter Vieveen)
  7. AOB – Any Other Business – (Everyone)
  8. Optional: (John Kerley-Weeks)
    1. Mission Statement Discussion
    2. Expenses and Revenue (Sponsors and/or Membership)
    3. Interest in Specific Board Positions
    4. Preferred email address for Advisory Council scheduling
    5. Web Site Access Review
    6. Preferred public information: photo, LinkedIn, Contact Information
    7. 501(c)(6) Filing
    8. Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, Meetup or Other w/ Recording and ease of Presenting and Scheduling
  9. Schedule February Meeting – after 3pm in February (John Kerley-Weeks)

Topics will be moved to February teleconference meeting with
Shannon Prince, President, Rocky Mountain Chapter or discussed
individually offline to ensure meeting completes by 9:55am

Considerations for the Board


  • $500 Filing for non-profit
  • DAMA International annual fee
  • Meeting: Site, Food, Teleconference/Recording?
  • Paid Presenters?
  • Online Content/Tools
  • Conference?


  • Membership: Free, Tiered, or Fixed Fee
  • Sponsors: Common among many Chapters in exchange for unobtrusive or short presentations

Board of Director Roles

Rocky Mountain has the following roles:

  • President
  • VP Programs
  • VP Finance
  • VP Technology
  • VP Membership
  • VP Communications
  • VP Administrative Services
  • Education Advisor

Other Organizations included

  • VP Online Content
  • VP Outreach/Marketing
  • VP Logistics
  • VP Messaging
  • VP Compliance – 501(c)(6) filing
  • VP Sponsorship
  • VP Content Management
  • VP Presenter Relations
  • VP Administration
  • VP Education
  • Past President
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Advisor