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September Session:
Utah DAMA  

Connecting Utah’s Data and Analytics Communities
Presentations and Collaborations by: Utah and International Data and Analytics leadership
Audience: Current and future Utah data and analytics professionals
Utah Data Management (DAMA)
is a vendor-independent, non-profit, community-driven chapter of DAMA International.

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Utah Data Management (DAMA)
Launches Tuesday, August 23rd

We are excited to be launching the Utah DAMA Chapter Tuesday, August 23rd with a virtual panel of top Utah and international analytic executives, directors and innovators.

Our Mission is to:

  • Educate and connect data and analytics communities across the Wasatch Front and beyond
  • Nurture data and analytics career paths from student-to-hiring-to-innovator-to-executive.
  • Collaboratively develop data and analytic team principles and best practices.

Upcoming events include:




Lessons Learned Creating a Modern Analytics Team

August 23rd , 2022


Lessons Learned Building a Modern Analytics Technology Stack

September 27th, 2022


Future of Analytics

October 25th, 2022


University Kick-off: In-demand Analytics Skills

November, 2022



Lessons Learned Creating a Modern Analytics Team

Panel discussion: building modern analytics teams and culture
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

  • Lindsey Zuloaga, HireVue, Chief Data Scientist
    HireVue, based in South Jordan, UT, helps global enterprises in the modern talent marketplace with video interviewing software, conversational AI, and pre-hire assessments.
  • Marissa Saunders, Recursion, Director of Data Science
    Recursion, based in Salt Lake City, UT, is a biotechnology company scaling more like a technology company. Their bold ambition: Decode biology to radically improve lives.
  • Mike Breitenbeker, SVP of Data & Analytics Engineering, Entrata
    Entrata is a software company based in Lehi, UT. Their goal is to make life easier for property owners, property managers, and residents.
  • John K. Thompson, Global Head, AI & Rapid Data Lab at CSL Behring
    Author  Building Analytics Teams: Harnessing analytics and artificial intelligence for Business Improvement and Data for All
    Lindsey Zuloaga  Marissa Saunders  Mike Breitenbeker  John K. Thompson

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Building a Modern Analytics Technology Stack

Panel discussion: data and analytics leadership share their wisdom learned at prominent Utah organizations including challenges and success within rapidly evolving analytics and cloud technology stacks.
Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Moderated by Joe Reis, CEO Ternary Data
Author of O’Reilly Media Fundamentals of Data Engineering
Adjunct Faculty UofU

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Questions, Comments, or Want to Volunteer: Please reach out to:

Michelle Hardwick, Utah DAMA President
John Kerley-Weeks, Utah DAMA Co-Founder

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